what levo does

What if everything you knew about how to eat and how to exercise was wrong?

What if you could exercise in 1/3rd the time, eat more, be stronger than ever and live a healthier and fuller life?

At LEVO Fitness we figured out the secret….the secret is in the food we eat and the details of how we exercise…and it’s not really a secret, it’s just been there waiting for us to pay attention to it.  It’s in the research it’s in the health statistics and now it’s time to listen!

LEVO Fitness Does what more than 100 pieces of gym equipment can and can’t do -all in one small portable ergonomic set of exercise tools -These light weight tools are configured to give you a highly custom fit exercise regimen that supports your goals while giving better results than achieved with current free weight or gym machine programs. It’s Safe, Simple, Light Weight and Stupid Effective! I’m stronger at 41y.o then ever before.

We believe so much in this system that we are working towards modifying all existing exercise machines to add the LEVO effect.


  • Full Body Workout in 1/3rd the time of the gym designed by Physical Therapists and Exercise Scientists.
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic at the same time
  • Improved bone density and joint support reducing injury potential
  • Improved lean muscle resulting in more fat burning metabolism without bulking up
  • Improved range of motion/flexibility
  • Enhancement of daily function
  • Improved Mood, Improved self-image and confidence

Weight Loss-LEVO helps you build lean muscle to lose weight (burn the fat). It is well established that building muscle is a better way to approach fat loss.  The more muscle you have the more calories you burn on a daily basis. Diet alone eats away at your muscle and your metabolism will drop. Most programs only address exercise alone or diet alone, we know you need both and the best of both is right here.

  • Focused fat blocking eating strategies, don’t diet, don’t fast, don’t starve. Your body needs the right fuel to improve metabolism starving or reducing total calories will make you fail.  Learn the “safe food” list with LEVOglycemic eating.
  • More lean muscle = improved fat burning
  • Become stronger and leaner
  • Decreased fat=decreased blood pressure and decreased risk for heart disease and diabetes. Weight isn’t important it’s your fat composition.
  • Simple eating strategies with amazing results

Strength- Makes life so much easier. The stronger you are the easier it is to do daily tasks or to perform above the competition in your sport.  LEVO activates more muscle than traditional exercise and produces a massive strength effect beyond what you get at the gym in less time. (Science IS cool).

  • Activate more muscle fibers. You can activate a higher percentage of the total muscle with LEVO for many reasons but the main reason is more nerve input to the muscle being activated.
  • Safe focused exercises, no jumping, no fake pull-ups, no burpies, no olympic lifts. Just pure focused fatigue in 1/3rd the time of traditional strength training.
  • Improved Power, Speed, Jump height, Strength, Stability.
  • Massive core strength effect. You will activate your core in ways even Pilates teachers don’t.
  • You provide your maximum effort with every repetition every time you exercise.  The exercises are monitored by your spotter and each time you come to a class you work at your current best level.
  • Plateaus happen when you fail nutritionally or when you reach your maximum.  Every Human has a maximum strength potential, plateaus are good, we hope you reach a plateau and we make it easy to maintain your max potential.

LEVO Fitness makes it possible for even the smallest company to implement a health and wellness program on site.  The low equipment cost and portability make it easy to implement.  Pick someone in your group to be the lead trainer or hire one of our LEVO certified trainers to run your program for you.

If you want to see your company add the LEVO program email me at ian@levofitness.com and we’ll get the ball rolling.

If anyone knows Bill Gates let us know and we’ll dramatically reduce time loss from postural thoracic pain with a combination of strength, diet and (oh yeah, I’m a physical therapist and functional capacity evaluator so I’m well versed in ergonomic corrections and solutions for your groups.) I have consulted with the Swedish Sport and Spine Medical Clinics and have implemented multiple ergonomic changes throughout!

For you trainers out there pay attention.  If you become a LEVO certified trainer we can coach you and help you to implement the same program throughout your community businesses.  If you are a medical professional  this is huge for your practice…you are the experts in the field when it comes to human function and you are in the best position to be the agents of change in your community.  LEVO makes it safe and easy to put into place an amazing health and wellness system.

-Stay Inspired!

Ian Johnsen PT, Levo Trainer #1