Before LEVO
Before LEVO
After 12 weeks Just 3 days per week for 45minutes







Rich G. was our very first client.  He agreed to trying something out of the box and crazy we developed. At first he said no, this LEVO program isn’t proven, “I talked about it with my wife and I’m going to try the Pro Club by my work”.  The pro club charges $25,000 but insurance covers all but $8,000 if you are obese.  Ian countered….how about I train you 3 days per week and teach you how to eat levo G for free…well in exchange for allowing me to use your images and testimonials to help others believe.  The rest is history….LEVO was born and rich went from 39% body fat to 18% in 12 weeks.  Looking back at these pictures I am super impressed with the change in postural alignment….As a Physical therapist I can see that his head position is closer to mid line and his shoulder blades are carried closer together now because the muscle balance has been achieved.  What you can’t see is on the inside!


Here’s are some of Rich’s thoughts on the program in his own words!



“I have been doing the LEVO workout twice a week for the past seven months.  I have lost fat, gained muscle, and my cholesterol is down by 30 points.  The biggest problem with any workout routine is being consistent and not finding reasons not to go to the gym  The LEVO workout is physically challenging but it’s also fun.  My trainer, Oleg, is terrific, and I enjoy the folks I work out with.  As a result I work out consistently, which is essential to get results.  The LEVO workout is also more effective than standard weight training.”

 “At age 62 I have never felt better.” -Joe K.


“I started using LEVO with my clients after I was certified.  Clients that couldn’t make progress or thought they couldn’t started to see huge gains.  I think LEVO allowed them to feel how hard they should be going when they lift standard weights.”- John S.


“My first try I made it through 1/2 the workout.  If I had to sum up LEVO in one word it would be “humbling” I do crossfit and am in really good shape, but this is a totally different workout.”- Kathryn K.


“I velodrome race in the summers, last year I was getting beat very bad, I’m 17y.o and started LEVO, I couldn’t believe it I was able to push so hard and started winning races! I have abs now too!” -Keland Y.


“I trained for 4 weeks and ate Levo G  I couldn’t believe what happened.  I lost a lot of fat, so much I had to re-measure 3 times to be sure, I still didn’t believe it… then I went to my doctor for my annual checkup and my cholesterol went from all “red” high levels to all “green” safe levels except for 1 item….It’s a tough workout, but it really works.”- Doug


“I went through a weight-loss program through work (I work for a large Northwest Computer Company). I lost a ton of weight and had to workout 6 days per week with sprints and weights it was brutal and finally I ended up with Achilles tendonitis and elbow tendonitis. I went to Physical Therapy and learned about LEVO.  I was able to workout just 2-3times per week and was much stronger and more muscular than when I did the 6 days per week with the other group. This is a super hard workout but the time savings are well worth it!”


“I know this is going to be a huge hit, you have something really amazing here” B.R.


“I hadn’t worked out for 2 years consistently, I couldn’t get to the gym 6 times per week like I did in college especially after my second child.  I started levo 2-3 x per week with no cardio and was amazed at what happened.  I’m a skinny guy, I’ve never been able to build muscle…I went from 23% body fat (skinny fat) at 165lbs to 12.5% and 172lbs in just 16 weeks…I felt so much stronger…I remember vividly I had told my 2 year old repeatedly I couldn’t carry her anymore because it hurt my back…It made me really sad….but that was before I started LEVO.  After my first 8 weeks I was floored…I wanted to carry her everywhere because I could! This program has changed my life and my perspective on exercise.  I can get better results than I ever did in the gym before with less time. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO 6 days of exercsise per week. I’m too busy with my two businesses and my family!  I have been doing just 2 days per week for the last 12 months and I have maintained my strength and my body fat%age.  I look better, feel healthier than ever, my blood pressure dropped to 117/78 and I don’t worry anymore about my health.  I hope to share this with everyone who has the desire to think about exercise a little differently.  Ditch your cardio, build your muscle and eat the LEVO way and you will be amazed!” -Ian J.


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