take care of yourself

Do you take care of yourself first?  It sounds like a bit of a selfish thought but bear with me for a second.

If you want to be a high achiever in all aspects of your life and be able to have a positive impact on the lives of others you need to take care of yourself first.  You will be doing no one any good if you are tired, mad, weak and painful.  We’ve all probably heard the idea that you need a strong Mind Body and Soul, but the problem is just that. We all know it and some of us try to achieve it, but it’s not just as easy as saying “I’m going to have a strong Mind, Body and Soul today!

I want you to take care of yourself so you can be there for your clients, for your family friends, colleagues, whoever is important to you in your life.  This means you need a knowledge base to keep your body “tuned for optimal performance” If you can’t keep clean fuel in the car, change the tires and do some regular work on your vehicle it will eventually break down.

Here’s the deal if you want to be a high achiever you need the right Foods, the right amount of Rest, the right Exercise and the right Mental Attitude.  I can help with the physical piece through exercise and diet, and I could make a strong argument based on my experience that the mental piece kicks in with improved self image as you fix your vehicle.  It’s a lot better to drive around in your dream car than a 1984 Honda Civic after all.

I heard a great quote on the Pat Flynn Podcast today (12/31/13) that said something to the effect of listen to the flight attendant on an airplane before you take off…”in the event of an emergency place the oxygen mask on yourself first and then your children”  It makes total sense, if you don’t get yourself in order you won’t be able to help anyone else at all. Take Care of Yourself First!!!! You Deserve it and you Owe it to everyone around you!

2014 could be your best year ever. You could have a record year and a personal best, this could be the year you take your physical body back and the year you will remember forever.


I’m about to share with you the most powerful tool you can ever have to battle the bulge.  Did I mention how easy this is?

You can do what you will with this information, but I want you to succeed.

Some people can take this information and run with it, some people will need a bit more guidance and others will need someone cracking the whip to get started.  Decide right now who you are, be honest with yourself and make a choice.

No really……. take a moment……..

and write it down………


1) Take it and Run, That’s all, just take the information and go!!!! Get lean fast and don’t look back!

2) Let me guide you,  review your food journals, teach you the how’s and why’s and what’s of levoGlycemic eating, and show you how to exercise at home or with our tribes!

3) Let me light a fire under your butt to force you to change! (I will drive you…weekly texts, emails, phone calls, journal reviews, if you’re local I will meet with you weekly (or more), if you are out of town I will travel to your location, clean your kitchen, grocery shop for you and generally wag my finger at you for 6-12weeks) Want a break from reality initially? Travel here for a 12 week “Biggest Loser Like Experience”.

I will be helping millions of people just like you make the leap to better health and fitness and it can happen in 6-12 weeks.

This is for the Take it and Run Crowd-

The Right Diet:   Go to Amazon right now and order the New Glucose Revolution Book that applies to you, they have a diabetic version, a gluten free version and more, find the one that applies to you if you have no health issues get the standard copy.  This is the cornerstone of the healthy Food piece. If you can master this independently you will lose weight super fast without doing anything else in your life. If you have a health issue i.e.: Thyroid, Obesity related problems, High blood sugars, Diabetes, Metabolic Disorder, osteoporosis, Arthritis, whatever it is this is not an excuse to not do this….this is an absolute reason to do this….Your food intake is more probably than not causing at least one of your medical conditions… Join our webinars and learn even more than Low Glycemic eating can teach you, do what we do learn what LevoGlycemic is for even better results.

The Right Exercise:  Go to our levo at home page now and purchase the home exercise equipment and the online video series to start crushing it at home right now.  I can’t stress how important this style of strength training is for tuning your vehicle.  This series is designed to give you a whole body workout so quickly and so much better than what is possible at the gym you won’t believe it.  We have seen postural corrections, accelerated fat loss, lean muscle development, blood pressure reduction, improved strength, power, stamina and more. I can guarantee you that you have never seen or done this type of exercise before in your life and you will understand quickly why this is so effective. This is not a Fad exercise routine, no jumping, no running, no planks, no Pilates, no yoga, no box jumps, no clunky weights, just simple but tough progressive exercises that will bump you to the next level.

You guys should know me by now, I am a physical therapist, an exercise science major and a life long athlete and gym rat…I will NEVER exercise with any other method on the market for 3 reasons.  1)LEVO is Faster….I can workout 2-3 x per week for 45minutes  2)LEVO is Safer than 99% of what is currently being utilized. 3)LEVO is better-I can increase strength by at least 40% and many scientists would argue 100% more than with any other type of independent exercises available.

For the “I Want Guidance Crowd”-

Have no fear, We can support you every step of the way!  If you are local  in the Greater Seattle Area call us now at Levo Fitness at Human Function 206-734-9033 and I will show you the way.  You can train with us one on one or you can choose to join a low cost class (just $15-$20 per Levo strength class or diet class). Either way you will get a personal training experience and all of the food journaling guidance you can handle! You will also have access to our 12 week LevoG Webinar Series (see below).

For the Millions that live outside of our little Hub  and want guidance you will need to get the home version of LEVO here Levo at home, get The New Glucose Revolution book and sign up for our 12 week LevoG Webinar Series where you will learn the ins and outs of LevoG Eating. You will learn the safe foods list, the proper protein intake levels to support muscle growth and metabolism, required eating intervals, LevoG success strategies, how to cook LevoG, how to read labels, how to shop, the good the bad and ugly when it comes to exercise, how to treat yourself if you have muscle pain and more.  Journal reviews will be performed by me or my minions for a select group of individuals. There is a limit of 150 Journal review clients per quarter currently but this will increase rapidly as more trainers become certified and available to train new clients. You will be in good hands!  If you don’t like training at home alone, get your local trainer to become LEVO Certified or become certified yourself HERE and you can build your own tribes!  Total Cost for the Guidance at home crowd is $1997 for 12 weeks that will change your body and how you think about food/exercise forever!

For the “light a fire under my butt” crowd.

I will personally come to you or you can fly out to me for 3,6 or 12 weeks. Either way we are going to crush this experience.  This is total immersion in the LEVO system with me.  I will train you personally and show you how to Blow this up!  Cost is $35,000 for 12weeks if you come to Seattle. This includes a week with me back at your home wherever you are from in the U.S. to help set up your home for success.  Total cost TBD if I fly out to you for the 12 week immersion.

If you live here (in Seattle) and want this experience we will come to you, shop with you, cook with you, exercise with you and show you the way!  Cost is $35,000 for 12 weeks.

If you want the non-local light a fire under my butt version we will keep you motivated with daily food suggestions, text messages, emails and weekly Hangout video calls to keep you on track and answer all of your questions. You’ll workout from home, eat right at home and be haunted by my voice as you make smart eating purchases and meal plans all day long!!!  $5,000 for 12 weeks will change you forever.

The I can’t crowd-  I almost forgot about you guys!

This is the group that can’t.  I can’t because I have back pain(or any other pain really), I can’t because I don’t have the time, I can’t because my hand hurts, I can’t because I have a thyroid problem and I’m on a special diet, I can’t because I don’t have the money, I can’t because I don’t know how, I can’t because I’m afraid of something (being hungry, having people judge me, etc.), I can’t because I don’t trust that this will work, I can’t because I was burnt by another program that injured me, I can’t because I won’t stick with it, I can’t because I have an old injury, I can’t because my spouse will never let me do it, I can’t because I work too many hours and have too much going on right now, I can’t because I’m too stressed out,  I can’t because I can’t.

If you think you can’t….you won’t.

“Take the time to check yourself before you wreck yourself”

There is no excuse on that list that is real, you are probably afraid of something. Recognize it as Fear and realize that fear is just a make believe barrier in your own mind that you can shut off… you can literally choose to not be afraid of anything.  Our minds are the only thing in this world that we can completely control. Tell yours to shut up and get on with making your change.

Levo can be done with any injury. LevoG can be done with any almost any eating restrictions unless your doctor put you on the Twinkie or Sunshine diet….  Levo can be done in pieces 2mins here, 2mins there. Levo is easy to stick to because you eat the same foods with very slight variation, you will not be hungry. Your family and friends and colleagues will love you for making a change and be happier around you when you are happy. Exercise is the best way to deal with stress. Levo can make old injuries stronger, Levo is easy to stick too once you start to see the results, no body will judge you here this is safe, you can do it at home or with our supportive groups, you will have a new group of tribeys that will fight for you to reach your goal.