These are the top resources I recommend for all of our Levo Tribe leaders and Tribe members! These Resources I fully believe will help you on your journey to improved strength and weight loss. As Levo Tribe Leaders these resources will help you put your business on the map and help you use the same tools we did to build your groups fast! Our goal is to see both of you (Leaders and Tribe Members) get the most out of LEVO to build a new you!

For Our Levo Tribe Members! (And Leaders!)

  • Quest Protein Bars– These are nothing short of amazing. When you look at most bars they are full of preservatives and sugar making them closer to a candy bar than a protein supplement. We recommend to everyone to keep these on hand for snacks/post workout protein replacement and general emergencies for when you are caught away from home and need something to slam down to stop you from hitting the drive thru!


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  • Trigger Point– Foam Rollers, trigger point balls, all the tools you need to give yourself a good massage/muscle release after/between workouts. Tested and used by triathaletes and a tool I use in my physical therapy practice daily! There are many versions of these out there, but this is by far my favorite! It’s got great cushioning and doesn’t break down over time like the foam versions. If you feel tightness in your back, hips, thighs shins, calfs you are going to want to check this out. We’ll have our Levo Roller videos up shortly and we believe in these products so much that we are designing our next class around these very tools!


  • Low Glycemic Recipe books and food lists!! Here’s what I can tell you about these books that you won’t find in your Amazon descriptions.  These books are GOLD any of the versions we have here.  I have absolutely never seen so many individuals have as much success with this style of eating than with any other program available.  Low Glycemic eating is a way to keep your blood sugar stable throughout your entire day. It’s just that simple.  Why is this important?  It’s because of how that sugar level operates inside of your body.  I have a 20minue webinar on this topic alone that describes exactly what happens when you eat High versus low glycemic foods check it out here:   In a nutshell however the down and dirty of it is that too much sugar in your blood at any meal will force your body to react by removing the excess sugar through an insulin transport process to protect all of your cells.  As a diabetic this is important because you can have control over your blood sugar.  As a non-diabetic this means you can avoid becoming Type 2 diabetic with these eating strategies.  From my experience with patients eating this way I have seen them reduce metformin use and even stop it if they maintain a low and medium index diet at all times.  Don’t take my word for it though, look at the recent article by Harvard Medicine comparing all of the current major diet trends and then take a look at the big news in Sweden where they have instituted low carb as their national dietary recommendation!  The first in the world!
  • Gluten Intolerant Low Glycemic Books, Pre and Diabetic Low GI books


  • Body Fat Analyzer and Circumference Tape If you are going to start this journey you cannot rely on an old fashioned scale to measure your progress.  Scales measure total weight and that is not our goal.  We want you to gain muscle and bone to maximize your fat loss.  The scale will increase in weight in the beginning of your journey or it will not move at all.  But don’t be scared! The fat is going away!  Inside your body you are burning the fat off and building food eating engines.  Very soon you will start to see the difference in the mirror and with the body tape measurements and then the scale… usually in that order.  Why do you think people get frustrated and quit?  Without these tools you go on blind faith.  I prefer to see what’s going on inside and out! Get an electronic handheld body fat analyzer if you want the easy method (be aware the accuracy is about 80% compared to the gold standard where as the calipers come in at over 90% accuracy with a practiced hand) as well as the circ tape to stay motivated. These calipers don’t look like much but they are a super powerful tool that comes with a computer tracking program you install on your laptop to keep track.  The installation is super easy and fast! This is what I use to track the body fat content of our clients to keep them on the right track! Body Fat Calipers Rock! Make sure you purchase this one specifically in the above link, there are many out there.  It is a few more $ but comes with the computer tracking program and instructions and links to instructional videos on how to perform the body fat measurement techniques which is well worth the price!!


For Levo Tribe Members and Leaders!

If you don’t have your CPR certification get one Now! Use this link for 100% online Training and certification Online CPR Certification Use the discount code CPR-Levofitness at checkout to save a bit!

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  • Every Trainer needs a web presence, I recommend Bluehost along with wordpress, you can build your own site or use existing templates to get your information out. There are tons of tutorials and communities to make your site Awesome!

If you want to build your business quickly you’ve got to sign up for LeadPages this is a powerful way to build your list to reach more potential clients. It is a paid for service, but well worth the investment, they have great tutorial videos to get you started.

iContact is a great way to capture the traffic you generate from LeadPages. If you just do these two things you will have a monster on your hands in no time!

Listen to Podcasts!!! I want you to Succeed in your financial freedom and to stay enthusiastic throughout your Journey with us! I listen to John Lee Dumas at Entrepreneur on Fire, Michael O’Neil of the Solopreneur Hour and Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. I can’t stress to you enough how motivational these have been in forming the success of our programs. We will have our podcast up shortly and it will have a Fitness Business perspective, we’ve got 2 episodes in the can and will be launching as soon as we have enough Ammo for you! If you have subscribed to us we will send you a notification when we launch it! The Podcasts above you can join on Itunes from your computer or just get on your phone and look them up on the podcast button on an Iphone or from Stitcher radio on other platforms.

In the interest of Full Disclosure and Transparency: Please note that some of the recommended links above are affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you, and I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. I recommend these products and groups because I believe they have great products that will be very beneficial to you personally and professionally. Please only purchase these products if you feel the same way about them!