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LEVO at home!

Here’s the deal.

LEVO is absolutely best in groups. You get more support, better form and a sense of commitment to the group that keeps you on track.

Some of you are loaners, you prefer to kick your own butt at home in the privacy of your home made gym….otherwise known as any free space you can find!

LEVO at home is different than anything you’ve seen or tried.  In this model you apply the LEVO technique to your home exercise kit.

Here’s what’s inside!

Levo resistance bands

The LEVO Resistance Bands





The LEVO Overload Strap-This is the key to your success and to the LEVO technique.  Without this “Resistance is Futile”-Borg Collective

This is a patent pending device…Images coming soon!


20 LEVO Strength Development Videos-You’ll learn from our creator exactly how to get the most out of every rep and how hot decrease your training to just 2 times per week. You get these videos instantly, no waiting, access them anywhere at your fingertips!


The LEVO G super smart eating videos-Let’s be honest, we workout to look good naked, improve our health and to feel strong and confident. LEVO G makes all of this so much easier. If you figure this out you will have complete control over your weight and body.


The LEVO G Online Food Journal to maximize and track your progress, full of tips, tricks and motivation!


Access to the LEVO G United Forum where you’ll find an online tribe of dedicated LEVO Heads just like you to help you get the most out of your new program!


Click here to get your LEVO G top 10 food list to stop fat in it’s tracks! It’s 100% Free!



Cost today $197-Value….Priceless

Let’s change the way the world exercises…Time to work smarter.


60 day 100% money back guarantee, if this isn’t for you we will give you a full refund!