LEVO certification



The Fastest Way to Get Strong and Lose Weight GauranteedThis is it, the Levo Certification

The only Fitness Certification that allows you to train large groups with a revolutionary approach to strength.

Not only do you help more people make real progressive strength changes (unlike pure fitness classes) but your earning potential goes through the roof!

Let’s make an assumption here.

1) LEVO is the best.  2) you’re ready to get certified.

You complete your certification in about 2-4 weeks and start training. You build 1 class of 10 people and train them 2-3 times per week at $10-15-20 per class. That’s $200-600 per week, $800-2400 per month for 1 class.  You grow it 20 clients $1600-$4800 per month. What about my overhead?  What overhead…Do it in the Park or in a community center at a super low rate.  You get super motivated and want to work 2 hours per day and build a second class of 20 people….Boom $3200-$9600 per month for 2 classes.


We designed Levo to be 3 times as fast, and to produce better strength results than old fashioned exercise.  We combined that with our proprietary LevoG eating system to rapidly and sanely eliminate fat leaving you with lean beautifully toned bodies in a very short period of time.

Do you have clients that don’t change despite your best efforts?  Do you have a fat blocking eating plan in place?  Are you keeping them safe from overuse injuries like tendonitis, bursitis or big time injuries like labral tears, Achilles tendon ruptures and more?

LEVO does this and more.

You can use these techniques to personalize each of your trainings.  You will learn very quickly that LEVO will have an amazing effect on all of your clients inside and out.

Smart food, hard safe exercise, no cardio, no jumping, virtually no risk.  Healthy safe clients that end up in a puddle and crawl back for more. Literally

Levo is light and portable, you can train almost anywhere, at the park, in a conference room at a clinic, “on a boat and with a goat”.  You don’t have to purchase any heavy weight equipment.

LEVO is hard to believe until you see it in action or better yet feel it in action.

The LEVO System hinges on an item less than 1lb.  It fits in your back pocket and produces better results than any piece of exercise equipment in your home or gym.

“Ka-Boom”—-This is really insane….we have designed a program and device that replaced $100,000k in gym equipment with something super portable.

The LEVO effect will change you if you are a traditional trainer. It will change your mind about the status quo.  It’s one thing to be a trainer and another to be an innovator and a leader. We can’t wait for you to experience the difference pick up the torch and join the Tribe!

Levo Trainers get a life long certification.  Once you become affiliated you and your team get access to valuable marketing materials and expert advice through LEVO United, a mastermind group designed to help every single trainer find their groove and niche in the industry. You will receive superior support every step of the way. LEVO means to elevate and that’s what we do here we help you elevate your game.


Ready to join the tribe and start your journey?

Download the getting started form here: LEVO Certification Process

One Time Certification $197

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