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What is LEVO?

It’s a turbocharger for your muscles activating more muscle fibers in each and every major muscle of the body reaching maximum fatigue in a very short time. In fact it will fatigue your entire body in just 45 minutes without any running or jumping. That’s right one day of exercise followed by 1-3 days of rest. You exercise your entire body once and let it recover for a few days instead of hitting the gym 6 or 7 days per week. LEVO is easy to learn and always a challenge to master pushing you to your limits with every repetition. You won’t believe what you feel in your body and see in the mirror in just a few short weeks. Rich G. went from 39% body fat to 18% in 16 weeks….He did LEVO Strength 3 x per week and ate a simple LEVO G diet… Not too shabby…

LEVO is deceptive We’ve seen it all at this point. Crossfitters (please don’t sue us Crossfit for using your name here we know how you get!), Personal Trainers, Marathoners, Weight Lifters, Bike racers, Soccer Players, Rugby Athletes, Pro Basketball Players, Fitness Class Junkies, TRXr’s P90xer’s, Basically the Super Fit Crowd. People from these groups do one set of LEVO and their eyes begin to bulge out of their heads, the light bulb literally goes on.  It starts as disbelief….what the hell is happening here?  It looks so easy but I am 100% wiped out!.  In fact many of the so called “super fit” those exercising 6 days + per week are unable to complete LEVO on the first attempt.  We aren’t surprised at the puddle of sweat on the floor and the shaking limbs after just one set of 8-10 reps of each exercise, but these super fit are floored….Literally.  We often joke we need to break out the giant spatula to get them off the ground after a 45minute bout.

That being said…LEVO is Safe, fast and super challenging and how challenging depends on you.    It’s all in the details and if you look closely and have a deep understanding of how our bodies work you’ll get it.  Here’s a little secret that almost no-one knows until now…The human body can do more than the gym machines allow us to do. The human body can do more…… and we are not taking advantage of it.

Most good trainers will tell you that you need to exercise the concentric (shortening of a muscle) and the eccentric (lengthening of the muscle) in a slow and controlled method to maximize strength.  None of them will tell you (mainly because they don’t know yet) that you should be not only going slow in the eccentric phase of motion but that you should be adding the LEVO principles in this critical phase of movement.   Levo trainers teach all of us how to do this and make sure it’s done right .  If you do nothing else this year sign up for a class or try the home version and be prepared to be blown away by how hard it is and by how little you need to train to get the results you want!

LEVO is a progressive system that changes with you. In the weight room at your gym you should be tracking your progressions and adding weight to your routine gradually (progressive resistance training).  This is the only way to increase your strength.  With LEVO this is done for you. No tracking, no adjusting weights, no need to record.  With LEVO you exercise at more than your current best with every repetition and the amount of force produced varies as you fatigue.  For example….If you use a weight machine and you test that you can lift 100lbs 1time but cannot lift it a second time you are instructed to lift instead 80lbs (80% of max) 10times to reach fatigue and then repeat this for 3 sets.  With LEVO it would look like this. You start with 100lbs in the upward concentric phase and then you lower the weight with more 140lbs on the first repetition, repititiion 2 you lift 95lbs up and 130lbs down and so on until you reach 8-10 repetitions.  The total work you’ve done in the span of 8-10 repetitions is much much more and the muscle is now so fatigued you cannot complete a second set of more than 3-4 repetitions with the same technique.

LEVO is a fat blocker and a body fat reducer. It puts beautiful lean muscle on your body quickly and sheds the fat without the cravings so you can see all that muscle you work so hard to build. LEVO utilizes a proprietary combination of low glycemic (slow sugar/carb) eating with a special twist. It’s a program that Harvard University suggests may be the “best” way of eating when compared to all other diets tested. Better than low fat diets, better than paleo, better than High Protein, better than low glycemic. LEVO is more effective than “old school” exercise and diet on both counts. No more low fat, no more no carb, no more cavemen. This is truly a revolutionary approach to exercise and diet.

LEVO Builds Tribes  Tribes are there to support you, help you accomplish a common goal in the best way possible, they keep you honest and pick you up when you need it. Our tribes keep you safe, strong, motivated and on track to becoming a new you. Each tribe member is responsible for the other. LEVO is an amazing experience one you can’t get in the gym or in a typical exercise class and one that will forever change how you choose to get fit. No weights, no cardio, just results.

LEVO helps you grow a profitable fitness business fast!  Group classes are a win win for everybody unless the group class is ineffective at providing the desired results.  If your goal is to burn fat and be weak by all means go do an aerobics class, if your goal is to lift a little weight while you do aerobic work there are classes for that too.  If you want to get lean, strong, sexy and do it in 1/3rd the time…. do LEVO.  As a trainer you will be strengthening the entire body of your clients in an extremely focused manner every session.  Classes start at $15 per participant and you can grow your classes as large as you like and have as many trainers working for you as you can handle.  LEVO is portable. You can do this anywhere, parks, rec centers, yoga studios, PT clinics, Chiropractors, Corporate meeting rooms. Your overhead can be low to non-existent and you can work your way into a studio or do private in home personal training if you’d like.You can get certified online or onsite! Once you pass your Cert it’s onto business building! We help you market in your niche and help you grow as much or as little as you want!  Looking for a part time gig to supplement income? Do you want the full meal deal…Multiple Studios and trainers under your direction?  Once you are Certified you are part of OUR TRIBE and we will do everything possible to help you succeed!  With LEVO the potential is amazing.  When you choose to become a LEVO Affiliate you get instant access to Levo United.  This is an amazing Forum where certified trainers and marketing experts share experiences to help us all reach our maximum potential.

We need your help to make this happen, let’s change the way exercise is perceived and performed. Opportunity awaits us all with this new system.


LEVO is Awesome!!  A light weight portable, highly customizable system that caters to an individuals current abilities while building a group mentality that pushes each member to be better each day.  With this killer combination you will become unstoppable.  Our Tribes don’t quit, they don’t get tired of it, they don’t give up out of frustration and lack of results, they work hard, eat well see results fast with minimal time commitment and cheer each other on!


Find your Tribe and get a free introductory week or find out how to become a Trainer and build your own tribes today!


This is real, this is LEVO, Fast, Simple, Better.




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